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HCF 2013-14 Annual Report (pdf)
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As Hillsboro has transformed, one core value has remained central in our
planning and development: enhancing the quality of life in the community we share. From arts and culture to schools and libraries, public health and safety to environmental preservation and parks, the people of Hillsboro have demonstrated their commitment to community livability.

With leadership and vision, each generation has helped shape the future for those who follow. The Hillsboro Community Foundation (HCF) champions this deep-rooted community spirit and support for the many organizations that make Hillsboro the place we treasure.

For more than 25 years HCF has quietly and effectively facilitated philanthropy to enhance the quality of life in Hillsboro. Tax-deductible contributions to HCF have helped fund numerous points of pride for our community.

HCF also serves as the fiscal sponsor for organizations enabling charitable contributions in support of a variety of community programs.
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