For Organizations

Organizations may establish a fund at HCF in support of their mission. At the discretion of the organization’s Board, annual distributions from the fund may be reinvested in the fund or dispersed.


Organizations can initiate an HCF endowed fund with $25,000 and begin receiving annual returns after one year. Through the step-up program organizations can start a fund with $5,000 and build it over a period of years. Under the step-up program annual returns are reinvested in the fund so that it grows more quickly to $25,000, which is the threshold for annual distributions to the organization.


Organizations can establish funds with HCF. The minimum fund balance is $25,000. The Step-Up Program enables donors to start a fund with a $5,000 contribution with a pledge to complete the Fund within a specific number of years. Distributions will be reinvested until the fund reaches $25,000 at which time annual distributions may be made.


Funds may be fully or partially endowed. Partially endowed funds must maintain a minimum core value of $25,000.



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