Fund Management

The HCF Board is responsible for managing funds for optimum growth, determining annual spending rates from these funds, and fulfilling donor wishes through the grant making process. Because HCF is recognized by the IRS as a charitable non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, donations to the foundation are tax deductible to the extent of the law.


In designing the Legacy Endowment Program the HCF Board recognized that the most fundamental factor to its success is investment management. A unique partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) ensures that endowed funds established at the Hillsboro Community Foundation will benefit from OCF’s professional investment management, optimizing returns. Donors as well as their advisors will have access to OCF’s gift planning expertise. Neither OCF nor HCF will provide legal counsel, but both will help donors explore planned giving options and the potential tax benefits for them and their beneficiaries.


HCF’s partnership with OCF ensures that HCF Endowed Funds grow and are maintained in perpetuity to provide a stable stream of income to charitable organizations and causes in Hillsboro. Through this partnership, donors also benefit from reduced fund management.


Through the Oregon Community Foundation, HCF is able to accept gifts such as personal property, securities and real property as long as it meets with the approval of OCF’s gift acceptance policies. Because of this partnership, HCF is also able to provide donors with an array of planned giving options including gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.


The Oregon Community Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization that administers permanent charitable funds. Currently OCF administers 1700 permanent funds with assets of approximately 1.3 billion for the benefit of Oregon charitable causes.


There are thresholds for establishing funds at OCF and fees associated with our partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation and those drive HCF’s $25,000 threshold and management fees.


For more details on fund management, please contact Deanna Palm @ 503.473.4486




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